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01 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Where Can I Watch Fox TV Shows Online?

Watching TV is great, we all do it. What about if you can’t be there to watch your favorite shows? Do you spend money for a DVR or TiVo? Many people do and love it, but what if you want to watch those shows for free? What if you want to watch your favorite Fox TV shows for free online? Well, you have a couple of different options.

You can select what Fox show you want to watch at Fox on Demand or you can watch Fox shows on The service has excellent picture and streaming quality, but it requires a download. They use software called Move Media Player which requires a download, but if you watch Fox shows, it is worth it. Also, the new player is now compatible with Mac! If you can’t be bothered with a download however, you can always just head over to and watch your Fox shows there.

Please note that you can only watch Fox streaming shows if you live in the US. They’ve blocked IP access from other countries.

Current Fox TV Shows streaming at Fox on Demand


Fox on Demand is currently streaming the current season of 24 (season 6) at MySpace. The four most recent episodes of 24 can be streamed online for free and Fox updates the website the morning after 24 airs on broadcast tv Monday nights, so check every week.

American Dad

The animated show is now into its third season. Only the most recent episode streams at Fox on Demand, so be quick to catch it!

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

The latest quiz show hit from Fox streams the most recent three episodes at Fox on Demand.


Fox is currently streaming the most recent episodes of Bones with their Fox on Demand service. Bones airs on Wednesday nights, so new episodes should be available online on Thursdays.


Fox’s new cop show set in New Orleans, starring Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser.

The Loop

The Loop is a Fox half-hour comedy about 20-somethings. Its first season had seven episodes and season 2 returns on June 10, 2007. The three most recent aired episodes are streaming for free viewing at Fox on Demand.


Yay! House is airing online this season.

Talk Show with Spike Feresten

Talk Show with Spike Feresten is a late night talk show that airs on Saturday nights on Fox. You can watch the latest episodes at Fox on Demand.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Unfortunately Fox is not airing Sarah Connor through their Fox on Demand service, however you can download it from Amazon.

Fox canceled TV Shows Streaming Online

Since Fox is very quick on the trigger when it comes to canceling new shows that aren’t performing as well as can be expected, I’ve also included a special list of canceled Fox shows that are currently streaming online. I would recommend catching them while you can as I suspect that when the new Fall season rolls around, the 2006 canceled shows will need to make way for the 2007 cancellations.

‘Til Death survived an entire season. Will it be back for a second? Highly doubtful as the ratings were miserable, so I’m just going to save time and list it under ‘canceled shows’ until we hear otherwise.

Vanished debuted on Fox during the Fall 2006 season and was canceled after 10 episodes aired. The final three episodes were streamed online at MySpace and now the entire first season of the series is available for you to watch online for free.

The Wedding Bells debuted on Fox in March 2007 and only aired four episodes before being canceled. Currently, Fox is streaming episodes 4 and 5 online and it is possible they’ll make the final two un-aired episodes available online, but since they ha

The Winner debuted on Fox in March of 2007 and aired six episodes its first season. It is not expected to get picked up for a second season, but Fox is currently streaming all six episodes at MySpace


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